Ways to help your child study better


Does your child throw a tantrum every time you ask him or her to do homework? Teaching children to follow a daily study routine from a young age helps them cope better when their study load increases. Here are some tips to help your child with homework.

Set an area for your child’s study:
Designate a proper space big enough to fit your child’s chair, books, etc. This will help your child focus and give due importance to his homework. Letting your child study while sprawled on the bed is not a good idea.

Switch off all the distractions: 
Switch off the television, radio and computer when your child is studying. Confiscate mobile phones and any other distractions. Playing soft music in the background helps.

Allot study time: 
Based on the time your child gets back from school, set a fixed time for him or her to sit down to complete his homework and studies. Keep extra-curricular activities in mind while doing so.

Keep your child’s study area organised:
Make sure your child’s study area is organised. This will help your kid focus and also prevent wastage of valuable time every day in search of books.

Encourage children to finish assignments on their own: 
While you may feel tempted to correct your child’s homework, it is harmful. Your child may feel that his own homework is not good enough, leaving him discouraged. However, be around when your child is studying incase of any doubts.

Allow small breaks: 
Allowing short food and water breaks will help your child recharge his mind but encourage your child to finish off studies quickly.


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